Red Denia prawn

El Poblet
Chef: Quique Dacosta
Country: Spain
City: 03700 Dénia (Alicante)
Address: Las Marinas, km. 3
(+34) 965784179

Denia is the world capital of the red prawn and Quique Dacosta is the supreme exponent of the local gastronomy, not to mention one of the finest chefs in the world. The absolute best product is purchased for his restaurant and he knows how to prepare it with the culture and science of one who has developed some of the most avant-garde culinary concepts and techniques. In this dish, we find an accumulation of all these factors: a unique delicacy, wisdom accumulated over generations, a reinterpretation of its doneness–bordering on almost raw–with insightful complements in the sauce and flowers that add color, aroma and flavor to the majesty of the shellfish without altering its natural idiosyncrasy in the slightest. The head, protected by the shell, is concentrated with the finest iodized flavors, while the meaty tail expresses the sweet beauty and juices of the prawn itself along with the flower petals that aromatize within the essence of the dish.

The Recipe