Prawn tortilla, bread with tomato, coral sauce

Sant Pau
Chef: Carme Ruscalleda
Country: Spain
City: 08395 Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona)
Address: Carrer Nou, 10
(+34) 937600662

Carme Ruscalleda expresses her intellectuality and feelings with this dish. That innate simplicity that characterizes her work, the passion for flavors and traditional Spanish recipes, the capacity to elevate popular culture to the highest heights of culinary art… all this is patent in this charming, magical formula that evokes childhood memories. A juice, a touch of mischief… excellence. Lucid excellence. After an egg wafer, a layer of omelet, we find a hidden national treasure inside: an incredibly rich bread with tomato and jelly. On the exterior, a prawn: a singular prawn seared over high heat, preserving all its identity, dressed with an oil made from the same shellfish. Complementary additions, like assorted vegetables, serve to dress the pure, brilliant simplicity of the dish.

The Recipe