Pipirrana-stuffed heirloom tomato, liquified beans and green tomatoes with raw shrimp

Chef: Dani García
Country: Spain
City: Marbella (Málaga)
Address: Gran Hotel Meliá Don Pepe. José Meliá, s/n.

Dani Garcia finds himself at the height of his professional career. 2008 was perhaps the year in which he created best and most, producing dishes with the highest intellectual and material level. Nearly twenty notable formulas sustained by two principles that have defined the work and path of this young chef: to take inspiration from traditional Andalusian recipes, reinventing them according to the canons of haute cuisine, applying the most recent avant-garde techniques, in this case liquid nitrogen, that he tirelessly studies in search of new applications. We stand before an eminent testimony to Andalusian technocracy in which the cultural roots and flavors are perfectly balanced and consummated with technological methods. It is, at the same time, characteristic of Dani’s work to magnify the mise en scène, the impact of the spectacular quality of his cuisine. There could be no more beautiful or colorful staging of his creations.
In a few words, the dish begins in the center with a cold liquified mixture of green tomatoes and green beans (these latter are blanched), perfumed with basil and ginger. Also in the center, the false tomato: a puree of pipirrana (tomato, onion and pepper salad) that appears coated with tomato jelly, taking on the shape of the fruit in question. Surrounding this is a scattering of raw Motril bay shrimp and pieces of raw beans.

The Recipe