Grilled, smoked scallops with stewed chicken ravioli and sauce suprême

Vieiras ahumadas a la plancha. Ravioli de gallina a la olla con salsa suprema.
La Guériniére
Chef: Stéphane Carrade
Country: Francia
City: 33470 Gujan Mestras
Address: 18, Cours de Verdun
(+33) 0556660878

This dish expresses all wonder of the philosophy and laboriousness that defines the cuisine of Stéphane Carrade’s–a chef who has succeeded in putting forth a completely personal message… a combination which, it must be said, can wear on a guest at times for its exhaustive baroque style. Nonetheless, exuberance is coupled with wonder with two ultimate values: select products and an immaculate way of communicating them to the guest.
A supreme testimony to this element is found in these scallops. Excellent in and of themselves, seared and smoked, clean and powerful, offered alongside a succulent chicken ravioli with vegetables and juices, crowned with truffles and flowers as well as an attractive, refreshing green mango mirepoix seasoned with Espelette pepper and ginger, topped with an exciting adornment of sweet corn and bacon foam. It would be hard to find more purity, more complexity, more art and such beauty in a single dish.

The Recipe

Grilled, smoked scallops with stewed chicken ravioli and sauce suprême
The market: For 4 servings:


  • Ravioli pasta 8 squares
  • Stewed chicken meat 200 g
  • Vegetable brunoise (carrot, onion, leek) 100 g
  • Chives
  • White scallops without the muscle 12

Mango rougail:

  • Green mango 100 g
  • Fresh onions 2
  • Ginger 20 g
  • Salt and Espelette pepper
  • White wine vinegar 1 ribbon
  • Olive oil 1 ribbon

Sauce suprême:

  • Chicken stock 1/2 liter
  • Flour 40 g
  • Cream 2 dl
  • Butter 20 g
  • Salt
  • Juice of 1 lemon

Corn-bacon emulsion

  • Corn 200 g
  • Smoked bacon 100 g
  • Freshly ground pepper 5 g
  • Beef consommé 2 dl
  • Cream 1 dl
  • Salt
  • Fresh truffles 10 g
  • White truffle oil
  • Truffle juice
  • Butter 40 g



The recipe:

For the sauce suprême:

- Prepare a roux, making sure to cook the flour well.
- Cover with chicken stock.
- Cook for 30 minutes, add the cream and butter, strain and add the lemon juice.

For the ravioli:

Prepare a salpicon with the stewed chicken and vegetables. Add the truffle juice and chives. Season and close giving it the look of ravioli with a brush and egg yolk.

For the green mango Rougail:

- Chop the green mango.
- Slice the onion and ginger very finely. Combine the 3 elements, season with the Espelette pepper, salt, olive oil and white wine vinegar.

For the corn-bacon emulsion:

Cut the bacon into strips and brown with no added fat. Add the sweet corn and pepper. Cover with the consommé and the cream. Cook for 22 minutes. Strain while applying pressure, add a little butter and salt to taste.

Finish and assembly:

Place the mango rougail at the base of the plate with a round pasta cutter. Cook the ravioli in boiling, salted water with a ribbon of olive oil. Drain and toss with beurre noisette.
Place on top of the mango rougail and add the scallops, which will have been previously smoked with beech wood and grilled (also with no fat, oil, etc.). Cover the ravioli with the sauce suprême and freshly grated truffle. Finish with a drizzle of truffle oil, emulsify the corn sauce and make two dots on the dish.