Grilled Oyster With Venere Rice

Ostra a la Plancha con Arroz Venere
Paco Morales
Chef: Paco Morales
Country: España
City: 46870 Valencia
Address: Ctra. Onteniente-Villena km 15,5
(+34) 962355173

Paco Morales, seemingly only shortly after being born, has become one of the most trusted references in creative haute cuisine in Madrid. His spirit and talent break molds. His style has no equal in the Spanish capital: radically minimalist creative cuisine. Along with Josean Martínez Alija “Guggenheim”, with whom he worked, as well as Andoni Luis Aduriz “Mugaritz”, where he spent a time training, they are the genuine representatives of this movement, which has remained personified in just a scant few chefs.
The finest example of his work must be the grilled oyster, hardly seared at all–a few moments is all it takes–and only on one side. It is presented jellied and warm, meaty and with all its juices, exultantly oceanic, served over a few grains of souffléed venere rice that bring beauty and textural counterpoints to the shellfish. Delicate, natural, yet full of gastronomic denaturalization and fullness. It is an achievement in itself that so few elements can offer such an exuberant universe.

The Recipe

Grilled oyster with Venere rice

For the grilled oyster:

  • 4 Belon Oysters (Galicia)
  • 50 ml Aubaccasa Arbequina olive oil
  • 100 ml Oyster water
  • 0.90 g Xanthan powder

For the sea water:

  • 1 l mineral water
  • 30 g sea salt

For the venere rice:

  • 100 g Venere rice
  • 400 ml Mineral water
  • 10 g Fine salt
  • 1 l Extra virgin olive oil
  • 10 g Fine salt


For the grilled oyster:

Open the oysters carefully to avoid breaking the interior membrane.
Save the oyster water.
Clean very carefully with sea water and dry with a clean linen cloth. Set aside.
Smell the water obtained from the first oyster.
Texturize with the xanthan gum.
Transfer to a syringe and keep in the freezer.

For the sea water:

Place the mineral water and sea salt in a saucepan. Heat to 50ºC until the salt has dissolved. Set aside.

For the venere rice:

Place the mineral water, fine salt and rice in a saucepan. Cook for 40 min. over low heat.
Strain and dehydrate the rice at 50ºC for 4 hours.
Heat the oil to approx. 190ºC.
Place the dehydrated rice in the oil.
Remove, dry between kitchen paper and adjust the salt.

Finishing and presentation:

Heat the griddle to 220ºC. Choose the prettier side of the oyster and brown only this side with the Arbequina olive oil. Remove and dress with the thickened sea water.
Warm a transparent plate, place the venere rice topped with the oyster heated to 50ºC in the salamander oven.