Crusted cod with tender spring onion, lentils and crispy pancetta

Bacalao en Costra con Cebolleta Tierna, Lentejas y Panceta Crujiente
Paco Morales
Chef: Paco Morales
Country: España
City: 46870 Valencia
Address: Ctra. Ontenient-Villena, km. 15,5
(+34) 962355173

The young Paco Morales–a future number one in Spanish cuisine–has truly exceptional natural gifts beyond that of almost anyone we have seen in the last thirty years of gastronomy. His daringness and masterful talent are perfectly reflected in this recipe (which is nothing short of stellar), something that is no small feat when using salt cod as a protagonist.
Interestingly, as an alternative to the radical minimalism that distinguishes his work, he reveals a versatility to his approach that shines a light on his ability to construct more complex and academic dishes. The cod itself...