Salty Products Stew: Vegetables, Anchovies and Pork Jowl with Idiazábal Cheese Balls

Chef: Eneko Atxa
Country: Spain
City: 48195 Larrabetzu (Vizcaya).
Address: Barrio Legina s/n

Eneko Atxa’s style is clearly defined. On the one hand, he updates and reinvents traditional recipes –like in this case. On the other hand, he uses avant-garde techniques to reinforce natural and chromatic aspects. One of them is spherification.
The chef proposes numerous dishes with historical memory that boast about redefined academic sauces. Apart from preserving traditional exquisiteness and gelatinousity, they show off unprecedented refinement, harmony and slender density. A good example of those stocks Eneko is so attached to and everybody is so fond of is this t...