Vila Joya

Ravioli de bogavante con carabinero, verduras y salsa
Dieter Koschina
Country: Portugal
City: 8201-902 Albufeira (Apartado Postal 120)
Address: Urbanização Praia da Galé
(+351) 289591795
Closed: Never
Price: 90/120 €
Tasting menu::

This restaurant boasts the highest Michelin rating in Portugal: two stars. It deserves them for the setting, an impressive building and location overlooking the sea that also has 17 luxurious rooms; for the service staff, young and motivated; and for the cuisine, without a doubt great all around. The author of this cuisine is the illustrious Dieter Koschina, an Austrian living in this oasis of the good life for the last thirteen years. The word that characterizes him above all others is solid; impressively solid. He knows exactly what he wants and succeeds in infusing his dishes with it.