Jose Maria

Patatas chip con cochifrito y pan frito
José María Ruiz
Country: Spain
City: 40001 Segovia
Address: Cronista Lecea, 11
(+34) 921466017
Closed: Always open
Price: 40/55 €
Tasting menu:: 20 €

Segovia has always claimed as its own one of the most beautiful examples of Spain’s traditional food: roast suckling pig, or ‘tostón asado’, served here, in the city of aqueducts, at authentic culinary temples, the most important of which–and with a marked difference in quality–being José María, an established house that opened in 1982, located just a few steps off the Plaza Mayor. The owner, José María Ruiz Benito, has turned the suckling pig into an art form–a science–to the point of becoming a renowned tourist attraction as well.