Il Buco

Tagliolini con tinta de sepia, gambas y verduras de la huerta
Giuseppe Aversa
Country: Italy
City: 800 Sorrento (Na)
Address: Il RampaMarina Piccola, 5
(+39) 0818782354
Closed: Wednesdays and January.
Price: 60/120 €
Tasting menu:: 50, 70, 75 €

Located in the heart of Sorrento, this establishment run by Jueseppe Aversa – a passionate man, as much for his native land as its products and culinary tradition – employs a young team of chefs to transmit his enthusiasm to his guests. At its core, this is Mother Earth cuisine – passionate, unmistakable, conveying delightful sensations and a great amount of pleasure, with a measured amount of modernity thrown in. The client is moved by the nobility, authenticity and efficacy of the dishes.