Escudèlla i carn d'olla
Lolita y Paquita Reixach
Country: Spain
City: 08350 Arenys de Mar (Barcelona)
Address: Ctra. Real, 54
(+34) 937910457
Closed: Sunday evenings, Tuesdays, Holy Week and in October
Price: 60/100 €
Tasting menu::

Do you see the photographs on this page? Please close your eyes. Here, they make love in the dark, like they used to, traditional style, feeling pleasure with obvious embarrassment. Although to tell the truth, the admirable Pere Soley and I discovered gastronomical virginity during our last visit to this establishment owned by the Reixach sisters, Lolita and Paquita. Catalonia, Spain and the world should pay homage to them for being a great temple of origins, of traditions, of pure unadulterated pleasure…of a reality we all seek, feel, and appreciate, but is on the verge of extinction.