El Rincón de Antonio

Tomate emulsionado con pan de Zamora y aceite de oliva más anchoas del Cantábric
Antonio González
Country: Spain
City: 49001 Zamora.
Address: Rúa de Los Francos, 6
(+34) 980535370
Closed: Sunday nights.
Price: 50/80 €
Tasting menu:: 49 y 55 €

Antonio González has a heroic artistic spirit. He can be considered a kamikaze of modern haute cuisine. In an ambience that does not lend itself to experimentation or sapid sophistications, he never ceases to introduce novelties that produce unknown, even slightly shocking sensations. His imagination seems to bubble over almost uncontrollably. Surprising, complex and conceptually noteworthy articulations that are always exquisite, especially when he projects delicate flavors through a medium of sauces and garnishes that are, in general, immaculate.