El Llar de la Campana

Patata candita con calamari
Manuel Bobes
Country: Spain
City: 33192 Pruvia-LLanera (Asturias)
Address: Ctra. As-18, Km II
(+34) 985265836
Closed: Never
Price: 60/80 € €
Tasting menu::

The auspicious association of Manuel Bobes and Nacho Manzano has yet to bear its finest fruits. With every passing day they demonstrate a greater gastronomic commitment at this restaurant. So what has changed since last year? Well, without altering the foundation of fine product and regional cuisine that the restaurant is known for, they have incorporated a higher number of modern haute cuisine dishes. Intelligent, developed dishes are now offered which raise the culinary bar without excessively complicating the experience for the guests.