El Campero

Morrillo de atún
José Melero
Country: Spain
City: 11160 Barbate (Cádiz)
Address: Avda. de la Constitución, local 5 C
(+34) 956432300
Closed: Sundays and november
Price: 60 / 100 €
Tasting menu:: 48 €

It is with due merit that El Campero receives distinction in this guide. The owner, ideologist, and everything man of the establishment, Pepe Melero, has created a paradise of wonderful products and ingredients of the Atlantic. Here, it is commonplace to meet chefs and gourmets from across Spain that come to enjoy, throughout the monographic menu, the jewel of the Strait of Gibraltar: tuna de derecho, so called because, after filling up on succulent oceanic oils, it returns to the Mediterranean to spawn between April and July every year.