Diego Domínguez
Country: Spain
City: 28020 Madrid
Address: Reina Mercedes, 12
(+34) 915547784
Closed: Sunday nights, Easter week and August
Price: 100/170 €
Tasting menu::

This sumptuous seafood restaurant offers the largest, freshest products that the ocean can produce to satisfy our predatory, depraved carnal passions. One needs only a little luck to come across what might be considered marine dinosaurs. Lobsters weighing 3.5 kilos, for example. Who’s jealous now! They only let us look at it, while tempting us with the 11 kilo turbot that we were unable to refuse. It was served with memorable potatoes and ajada sauce (garlic, bread and salt), of which not a single drop was left. Gelatinous splendor! Such delicacy! Unbelievably juicy!