Alain Chapel

Huevo escalfado sobre colmenillas al vino blanco de Savagnin, espárragos verdes
Philippe Jousse
Country: France
City: 01390 Mionnay
Address: RN
(+33) 0 478918202
Closed: Monday and Tuesday, January, from the 15 – 22 of August
Price: 110/155 €
Tasting menu:: 105 , 140 €

Alain Chapel was one of the most important chefs of his generation. Supreme advocate of nouvelle cuisine, he represents a milestone in the history of gastronomy. His style, calibrated, light, directed at exalting the product, has influenced an entire generation of chefs, and his kitchens have formed some of the great talents of our time (it suffices to mention one name: Alain Ducasse). After his premature passing in 1990, Phillipe Jousse, executive chef of Chapel’s restaurant in Kobe, was brought back to France to take the reins of the kitchen and perpetuate the teachings of the master.