Tomato and basil terrine (2003)

Tomato and basil terrine (2003)
Chef: Pier Vincenzo Marsupino
Country: Italy
City: 12080 Briaglia (Cuneo)
Address: via Roma, 20
(+39) 0174563888

Marsupino is a sure bet. The extraordinary salad of knife-cut raw meat, the fabulous tripe stew, the tender, homemade boiled ham, the unforgettable meatballs of three meats – beef, pork and lamb –, the mushroom soup, the Albenga artichokes, the escargots… Pier Vincenzo Marsupino understands how to reinterpret trattoria cuisine, adapting it to contemporary tastes. Don’t miss this fresh, fragrant terrine of tomato and basil in gelatin during the summer months.