Char-grilled small shrimp over dried bread vinaigrette and under rose vinaigrette

Casa Gerardo
Chef: Pedro y Marcos Morán
Country: Spain
City: 33438 Prendes (Asturias)
Address: Ctra. AF 19, Km.9.
(+34) 985887797

Marcos Morán has hit a creative vein. He began to define a style distant from fashionable techniques in which he moves his vision towards the future, proposing personal and imaginative formulas that pay homage to exceptional products, offering immaculate dishes where the ingredients preserve their sapid and textural purity. Among many examples this year we highlight this dish, which perhaps captures the finest artistic treatment of small, or rock shrimp (quisquillas in Spain) that we have ever come across, a shellfish that up until now has not attracted the attention of the most famous che...