Katane Palace

Bonito con helado y frutos variados
Carmelo Chiaramonte
Country: Italy
City: 95129 Catania
Address: Via Finocchiano Aprile 110
(+39) 0957470702
Closed: Middays and the month of May
Price: 40/70 €
Tasting menu:: 37, 45 y 55 €

Before anything else, this restaurant is a truly incredible bargain. In other words, its not just an extremely positive quality-price ratio for the diner, but is also cheap in regards to the service given and above all the cuisine. Situated in one of the best hotels in the city, Carmelo Chiaramonte looks after it with complete autonomy. He is a chef that personalizes the environment, never allowing more than 45 guests at a time. In this way, a small restaurant in a hotel has nothing to do with a hotel restaurant.