“Vertical” monkfish (2006)

“Vertical” monkfish (2006)
Le Fantin Latour
Chef: Stéphane Froidevaux
Country: France
City: 38000 Grenoble
Address: 1, rue du Général de Beylié
(+33) 0 476010097

Stéphane Froidevaux worked as second in command to Marc Veyrat for 9 years, then, in 2005, he opened his first restaurant–L’Antidote, in Serre-Chevalier–and finally chartered the Fantin Latour in Grenoble in 2007. Froideveaux is capable of going from delicate combinations to dishes with powerful contrasts, like this “vertical” monkfish (skewered) covered with kafir lime zest and powdered almonds, served with a smoked lemon cream with juniper.