Plin Ravioli (1961)

Plin Ravioli (1961)
Guido da Costigliole
Chef: Lidia Alciati
Country: Italy
City: Località San Maurizio 39
Address: 12058 Santo Stefano Belbo (Cuneo)

Hats off, gentlemen! What you see here are not just ravioli, but “The Ravioli” par excellence. Lidia Alciati has been making them for forty four years, according to a recipe that the passage of time has preserved intact: fresh pasta, made painstakingly by hand, stuffed with a mixture of pork, beef and rabbit blended with Parmesan, eggs and spinach, all minced and seasoned with onion, nutmeg and rosemary. Accompanied by Alba white truffles when in season. Not to be missed.