Artichoke with quail egg and caviar (1996)

Artichoke with quail egg and caviar (1996)
Estrella de Plata
Chef: Dídac López
Country: Spain
City: 08003 Barcelona
Address: Pla del Palau 13
(+34) 932680635

Estrella de Plata is a very peculiar tapas bar frequented by great chefs and seasoned gourmets. All of the merit goes to Dídac López, a young Catalan chef who has opted for absolute quality. At the bar, you can taste dishes that would not seem the least bit out of place in a high-class restaurant. The artichoke with quail egg and caviar is a classic tapa which for years has delighted the clients of Estrella de Plata. Trying it should be an almost required ritual for any Barcelona visitor.