Spit-roasted potatoes (2005)

Spit-roasted potatoes (2005)
Piccolo lago
Chef: Marco Sacco
Country: Italy
City: 28924 Verbania Fondotoce
Address: Via Filippo Turati 87
(+ 39) 0323586792

Using a special machine, they cut the potatoes into thin strips, 25 cm long, before blanching. They are then brushed with clarified butter, smoked salt and spices. Next, they skewer the potatoes and dry them in the oven at 75ºC/167ºF for 12 hours before finally frying them in an abundant amount of seed oil at 175ºC/347ºF. Brothers Carlo and Marco Sacco, in the dining room and kitchen respectively, have managed to transform a rustic family restaurant on the shores of lake Mergozzo into a reference for haute cuisine.