“Soft-boiled” egg with wood sorrel emulsion (2005)

“Soft-boiled” egg with wood sorrel emulsion (2005)
Le Cerf
Chef: Carlo Crisci
Country: Switzerland
City: 1304 Cossonay-Ville
Address: 2, rue du Temple, 1304
(+41) 0 218612608

This “soft-boiled” egg is boiled for an hour at 72ºC/162ºF. Thanks to this process one obtains a unique texture where the egg can be molded according to taste. In this dish it is served with a wild wood sorrel emulsion (Oxalis acetosella) and olive oil. Carlo Crisci is a forty-something, self-taught and extremely creative chef who is particularly sensitive to the architecture of a dish. He opened his restaurant at the tender age of 24 and was one of the first chefs who broke onto the Swiss culinary scene, which was up to that point the indisputable kingdom of Frédy Girardet.