Escargot and mussel soup (2004)

Escargot and mussel soup (2004)
Il Volto
Chef: Vittorio Fusari
Country: Italy
City: 25049 Iseo (Brescia)
Address: Via Mirlote, 33
(+39) 030981462

Not everyone is capable of serving a soup wrapped in a spinach leaf, bathed in parmesan sauce and topped with a few saffron threads. But then again, Vittorio Fusari is an unusual chef who has little respect for the rigidity of rules. His workplace is a hybrid between a country house and a luxurious restaurant, not really even knowing himself whether to characterize his work as that of an innkeeper or a restaurateur. This duality is pointedly reflected in his cuisine, where different aspects of his personality come to life, depending on the dishes.