Crispy goose thigh with potato puree (2003)

Crispy goose thigh with potato puree (2003)
La Montecchia
Chef: Massimiliano Alajmo
Country: Italy
City: 35030 Selvazzano (Padova)
Address: Via Montecchia 12
(+39) 0498055323

Along with Le Calandre and Il Calandrino, La Montecchia is one of three restaurants under the supervision of Massimiliano Alajmo. This is the kingdom of Erminio Alajmo, patriarch of the family that (aside from their legendary steak tartare) proposes reinterpreted regional cuisine with a focus on lightness. This goose thigh is cooked at low-temperature then seared over flames to obtain a crispy skin. It is accompanied by a delicate potato puree with lemon, perfumed with tandoori powder.