Armagnac-soaked lobster pêcheurs de lune (2006)

Armagnac-soaked lobster pêcheurs de lune (2006)
Les Prés d`Eugénie
Chef: Michel Guérard
Country: France
City: 40320 Eugénie-les-Bains
(+ 33) 0558050505

Leave the lobster to marinate for 2 hours in white eau-de-vie of Armagnac. Follow by slicing the body as you would a carpaccio, place over a coral cream base, boil the claws in stock and serve on the side like a salad. The dish is completed by a crispy herb-stuffed roll and another filled with prawns. Michel Guérard, one of the most important chefs of his generation, created this recipe taking inspiration from a spider crab soup with rice liqueur that he had tried in China.